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Protection Strategies

Protection Strategies for a Secure Work Environment

A proactive security team and communication plan are key to ensuring a positive, safe work environment. An overbearing security presence can be disruptive and emit the wrong message to employees and the public. Instead, companies with a proactive posture encourage interaction with employees in a positive light to create an inclusive security environment that supports corporate culture.

Protection strategies for people are different from securing a facility. People can't be locked down. How workplace risks are evaluated, measured and tested can determine whether employees view security as a hassle or a perk.

Clark Consulting educates corporate teams on the following protection strategies:

  • Executive Protection – Safeguard the symbol of the company/CEO while maintaining an open door policy.
  • Headquarters Protection – Balance the need for safety with perception of a safe work environment.
  • Facility Security – Minimize risk to employees and against theft.
  • Travel Safety – Support staff traveling to and working from countries where narcotics, workplace violence, extortion, assaults and terrorism risks are a reality.
  • Assets Abroad – Effectively manage risks in new markets that may not be stable.
  • Supply Chain – Put the proper controls in place.

Gain insights on how security management professionals can best protect assets as well as non-tangibles including workplace environment, company brand and reputation.