Crisis Management


Catastrophic Events

Managing The Aftermath of a Catastrophic Event

What is the security professional's role when death and destruction have already occurred? Well-trained professionals execute best practices under dire circumstances. Real events show that training in best practices before an event occurs helps mitigate loss. Skills resulting from such training are relied upon when security posture escalates throughout the event and post follow up.

During the aftermath a first priority is to rule out terrorism, foul play or an insider threat. Security professionals should be positioned where needed to lessen the impact from the event. A safe experience and secure environment is required for the people affected. How a company reacts is often etched in the minds of those impacted by the event.

Clark Consulting shares important lessons learned in managing catastrophic events:

  • Protecting grieving employees and family members
  • Raising security awareness
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Hiring protection and managing transportation

An aftermath is never simple. Understanding what is important to the company and those impacted is paramount. It can mean the difference between a thank you letter and a lawsuit.